What we do

The Beach’d Buoys are Weston-super-Mare’s authentic shanty band.

We got together because we love sea shanties, the work songs of seafarers. Most of our songbook comes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, although we include some more modern stuff too.

We like the traditional call-and-response format, with one shantyman leading the chorus. But we’re known for livening up the proceedings with guitars, concertinas, pranks, and our very own lagerphone!

We rehearse at The Captain’s Cabin Freehouse on Birnbeck Road and sing all over the West Country, doing prepaid bookings or just passing round a hat. (You can see photos and video clips from previous gigs on the SCRAPBOOK page.)

All the proceeds from our appearances go to Children’s Hospice South-West at Wraxall in Somerset.

Sponsors and supporters:

Captain’s Cabin | PJ’s Ice Cream | Concept Wear | Weston Ukulele Players

But how do The Beach’d Buoys actually sound? Use the jukebox below to access audio clips from recent sessions, or the bigger player below it to view a short video from a recent performance.