A room with a view

We gigged in Clevedon on Thursday, although you might not have heard about it — quite a few of our gigs take place in local nursing homes. No photos for obvious reasons, but everyone enjoyed the gig and they made us a splendid poster.

Don’t forget…

Stogursey’s Forget-Me-Not Café is a Wednesday pop-up where people experiencing memory loss can get together with friends and neighbours. We hope they enjoyed a morning’s shantying as much as we did!

Between sets at Keenthorne

Keenthorne’s Cottage Inn, where we played on March 12, is one of the band’s favourite venues — and, thanks to a friendly Sunday afternoon crowd, we raised more than £170 for the hospice. (That’s Andy and Trev making subtle adjustments to the backline.)

See Monster

Undeterred by the wet and cold, the hardy Beach’d Buoys launch into “Drunken Sailor”.

Didja ‘see’ it? The See Monster was a temporary installation on Weston seafront that was built by repurposing a disused oil platform from the North Sea. We played this remarkable venue several times, and Keith even had a chance to shake the hand of the Mayor.

Keith hasn’t washed since…

Hello, Meva!

The Mevagissey Shanty Festival in Cornwall is a highlight for fans of traditional music throughout the South-West. Most of The Beach’d Buoys made it down for gigs at the town’s famous Fountain Inn and the remarkable Into The Woods in the nearby village of Pentewan. But some of the best times were to be had out on the streets!

SS Great Britain

Bristol Sea Shanty Festival, September 2022

Last summer, we played Brunel’s mighty steamer at its permanent berth in Bristol Docks. It was a memorable afternoon for The Beach’d Buoys…